About Me

About Me

I'm Brad, a geek with a passion for Comics, Boardgames, Dice throwing and Sci-Fi.

You can find me on twitter, and drinking weird coloured drinks in various pubs and bars.

On a typical normal evening you will find me 

  • Catching up with my favourite shows or watching old favourites like The Flash, iZombie, Agents of Shield and Futurama
  • Gaming on my consoles, if it's the PS4 I normally do Gameplay vids for that
  • Painting my miniatures, either Warhammer related or something to do with my boardgames to make them look snazzy like Super Dungeon Explore and Zombicide
  • or having my mates over for a film or boardgame night


About the Blog

So the name Fishy's View

Fish is my last name and it's my view on things, pretty simple really :D

Fishy's View originally started out as me just posting various things I liked or videos I found, which evolved into Game and film reviews and to be honest I kind of lost heart in it after a while

Recently I have a new found outlook on things, which is mostly thanks to family and friends

In February 2015, 8 of those friends and me decided to start a collaboration blog called Geek Mash so that if one of us felt the burn of blogging there were 8 others that could pick up the pace

And my output has certainly picked up the pace! I've done a ton of posts for Geek Mash already and I've felt so creative recently doing top ten posts, parodies and collabs

So Fishy's view had to evolve from what it was, and with that a whole new look and Avatar

On here I'll mostly be posting Videogame playthroughs and booster pack openings whereas on Geek Mash you'll see my writing

If you follow me you should follow both blogs to see all my content

Consoles and Handhelds

PSN: Rico2099

Steam: Rico2099
Nintendo ID: Fishy2099

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