03 July 2018

Top 10 Favourite Theme Tunes according to Math - 80s Edition

From The title I'm guessing you're saying in your head right now "What The Fuck are you on about Brad!!!???"

Well hear me out and calm your tits, I'm gonna tell ya

Basically I have my top 10 list of 80s theme tunes and here they are

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Defenders of The Earth
Pole Position
Bucky O'Hare
Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It's a boring predictable list, of course Turtles is gonna be at the top, everyone expects it

But What If....?

What if I used an advanced mathematic formula to figure out which one is the best?

Could it turn out to be a completely different list?

Let us see!!!

04 June 2018

Booster Pack Openings - Assorted Stuff 2


I did a part 1 of this a while ago

This time I went to MCM London Comic Con with my friend Joseph and it was his first time!

Whilst I was there I picked up some more weird trading cards plus a Lucky bag

05 May 2018

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event founded on the belief that for every person out there, there’s a comic book that they’ll love. 

29 March 2018

Green Rook - A Transforming Robot

So recently after a driving lesson I popped into my local B&M store where I saw a Transformers Combiner War figure, but slightly different than I expected

First of all - what is a Transformer Combiner War figure?

Those guys in the top image are. Basically you have five Robots making up one big Robot. Four of which are limbs, that you can mix and match with a weapon that comes with the toy that can turn into a hand or foot

You can connect these in whatever way you want and you also have a middle torso that they connect to

They haven't done the line now for a couple of years what with the Titans Return Headmaster line and the Power of The Primes line so I'm always on the lookout for more to add to my collection to build more big bots in various outlet stores like B&M and TK Maxx

So why title this Green Rook?

Well this is the way Rook should look in his packaging. He's meant to be an all terrain rescue vehicle for the police, hence the white and blue

And this is what I saw

08 January 2018

I Want to talk about Toys R Us

I had a walk home from work like I often do, and when I decide to go on these walks, there is one place I always visit: Toys R Us.

More often than not its on a whim to visit a certain section of the store for some new products from my favourite line.

Let's roll back a few months.

There's a toy convention called Hasbro Con, where people there and on the Internet get to see all the new various toys from the company that are coming out in the coming year, be it new Star Wars products, Furby, My Little Pony and most importantly, (to me anyway), Transformers.


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