16 June 2016

Booster Pack Openings - Power Rangers


I went to MCM London Comic Con which you can read all about HERE on Geek Mash

Whilst I was there I picked up some trading cards, some of which I already opened HERE

Plus Ross and Kayleigh already opened up the packs I gave them HERE

The reason why I stopped at that stall initially was because of all the Power Rangers logos calling to me from the box of goodies

SO I sifted through the ENTIRE thing to make sure I got them all

After that he said I have another box here to refill it but at that point I thought "Ah, perhaps 25 packs of Power Ranger cards is enough" so I declined :D

Breakdown of cards I got and doubles after the videos

Okay so to break it down I had 23 packs of the New Season series. It says 6 cards per pack plus a character card 1 of 8


One card out of the six will always be either Rocky, Aisha or Adam

5 x 23 = 115

The actual set has 72 cards plus all the bonus ones

So surely I would get all the cards right?

Alas no

I'm missing 10 cards out of 72
(12, 28, 32, 36, 38, 51, 53, 64, 68, 72)

And from the 8 card character subset I'm missing one card

ONE BLOODY CARD when there is one of them in each pack

So to break it down

1 Pink Ranger - 2 copies
2 Yellow Ranger - 5 copies
3 Red Ranger - 0 copies
4 Black Ranger - 4 copies
5 Blue Ranger - 5 copies
6 White Ranger - 2 copies
7 Red Dragon Thunderzord - 3 copies
8 Lord Zedd - 2 copies
Rocky - 6
Aisha - 6
Adam - 11

So I have 
62/72 normal cards
10/11 for the special cards

Of the doubles Ross gets
35/72 normal cards
10/11 for the special cards

and final double count after that is
19 normal
30 special

Did you enjoy my pack openings? 

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