29 March 2016

Gwen Stefani - This Is What The Truth Feels Like

I picked up the new Gwen Stefani album at the weekend and gave it a listen

These are the two different versions of the album pictured above.

The one on the left has 12 tracks with a bonus 13th track for the international release, and the deluxe version has 4 extra tracks plus the bonus international release so that's 17 new Gwen tracks

Best Single - Used To Love You

  • There's a reason it's done so well, because it's really catchy but also comes straight from the heart and the video is gut wrenching

Best Non Single - Obsessed

  • From the deluxe version of the album. It's a very Gwen sounding song when compared with the other two albums

This albums "Hollaback Girl" - Naughty

  • It's got a rhythm to it and a through line that's incredibly similiar to the song, but doesn't get half as annoying as HG

Overall Verdict

  • It's good but not great
  • On the other two albums, L.A.M.B. (Love Angel Music Baby) and Sweet Escape, there were tracks on there that were instant hits for me, really catchy and strong sounding songs and I feel this album misses out on that
  • The album as a whole is pretty solid but is the third best Gwen Stefani album. When that's out of three it's not really saying much
  • But I feel the writing is much stronger and more personal on this album which should be acknowledged
  • The deluxe album is the one to go with, as not only is it 4 more Gwen tracks, but I feel they are the strongest songs on there apart from the singles

What's YOUR favourite Gwen song?

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