06 February 2016

This Week! - 01/02/2016

So this week I have been mostly

Playing the Witness

A phenomenally beautiful puzzle game

It's glorious and insane, clever and hair tearingly difficult until you have eureka moments and you get smarterer

One of those games where if you're stuck on a puzzle you don't have to worry, as there are plenty of other areas to explore and one that will stick in your mind as you try and solve a hard puzzle

I would say avoid any spoilers you can and just play it yourself and bring along a notepad and pen :D

It's available on the PC and Playstation 4

Watching Community

A great series featuring a group of people coming together in a study group

Some awesome moments in the series and they regularly spoof other shows and concepts, including a stop motion Christmas episode and animated GI Joe show

Listening to Welcome To Night Vale

Fellow Geek Mashers Kayleigh and Casey said I should give this a listen when I asked for some new podcasts

Set in a desert town where some seriously weird shit happens regularly, it's in the form as a community radio news and announcement station

I'm up to episode 25 this week already and it's still going, currently the episode numbers are in the 80s

Learn more HERE

Painting Super Dungeon Explore

I got the Forgotten King and Von Drakk Manor sets on offer with some Christmas and Birthday money and I've been really enjoying painting them

Super Dungeon Explore is a board game where one person is the Dungeon Master controlling all the monsters with the rest playing heroes killing those monsters and earning new loot

I really love the designs on these and had and am having a lot of fun painting these up

So how has YOUR week been?

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