10 November 2015

Magic the Gathering: Origins & Battle for Zendikar


Here are some Magic the Gathering starters to show you which are Origins and Battle For Zendikar

Me and Neil both enjoyed doing the pack openings on Geek Mash so thought we would do a collaboration post across the blogs

You can see Neils pack opening video HERE

You have the really cool new mechanic in the Battle for Zendikar set called Devoid, which makes that card, no matter what colour it is, NOT count as a colour. It opens up some interesting plays and I hope to build a deck using it soon.

Plus in the pack openings I got some very nice Angel cards to either add to my Angel deck, or I have a ton of Angel cards so I could build an all new deck

So yeah, big fan of this series from what I've seen so far

Look out for some more pack openings soon

So which colours do YOU use?

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