07 April 2015

Review a Great Game - 2015


So Eric Bailey has been doing this thing for a few years where you Review a Bad Game on the 8th of August, my one and only entry of which being Superman 64 and I wanted to Review Sonic The Hedgehog 06 on the 360 but that game is awful!

Sadly I got away from all that due to some personal stuff going on and never really looked it back up

Until recently while chatting to a like minded friend and fellow Geek Mash blogger, 8-Bit Girl, she said that Eric had begun doing Review A GREAT Game day, so I jumped at the chance to do it

But which game do I pick? 

I've tried so many games that I would class as great, then it hit me with a power bomb square in the face

I would review my favourite game of ALL TIME!

Previously in the Metroid series...

So in Metroid 2, Samus has been going around wiping out all the baby Raspberry looking things. 

The last one hatches and Samus is the first thing it sees so it assumes, as we all would, that the Bounty Hunter to come and wipe out our species of genetically engineered weapons is its caring mother...

The Last Metroid is in captivity, the Galaxy is at peace...


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