08 December 2014

My Top 10 Playstation One Games

Sony recently had their 20th anniversary of the Playstation.

I thought it was about time for another top ten games list so here are my top ten favourite Playstation One games.

Rules are one game per franchise, so if I picked Tomb Raider, I also couldn't pick Tomb Raider 2.

So with that on with the list!

10. Wild 9

You play as a dude called Wex Major, who's main weapon is called the "Rig", which is an electrical beam coming from Wex's back, used to defeat enemies, move boxes and flail wildly around in the air when connected to platforms

The Earthworm Jim guys worked on this and it shows, through the gameplay and humour throughout

9. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

There were high hopes for the sequel to one of the best Spider-Man games out there (and oh how we've come so far), you could see a little bit further through the mid 90s graphics fog, there were more intimate levels for sneaking and most importantly the costume selection was HUGE!!!

You had your basic Spidey red and blue duds, but loads of other famous ones over the years like Symbiote that had infinite webbing, Prodigy that had enhanced strength, The Amazing Bag-Man that had.....a bag on his head.....

It also had a mix and match mode where you could pick any power and any part of a costume (Head, torso, legs and arms) and make up a new one for ol' Parker

8. Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

This added onto the mythos of the original by introducing Mudokons that could laugh, could cry and get angry and depressed.

Also you could control and explode your own farts :D

7. Ridge Racer Type 4

I didn't really get into Gran Turismo due to the more realistic handling that I didn't enjoy, I preferred my racers to be more arcade like. Which is where this comes in

Hundreds of cars to choose from include some pretty sweet concept cars, and once you unlocked them all you would unlock the extra bonus Pac-Man car!

Also as an added bonus included with the game was the complete version of the first Ridge Racer but now with a 60hz a second mode on there so it ran just like the US and Japanese version (if your tv could handle it)

6. Grand Theft Auto 2

This expanded the game in so many ways compared to the first one, some things we haven't seen in the 3D games yet like different gangs you could work for, electro guns and some sweet looking future/retro cars

5. Um Jammer Lammy

The guitar based spin off to Parappa the Rappers....er.....rapping

Superb songs that will have your fingers bend into all kinds of shapes to play, with the added bonus of unlocking some kind of sound effect to your guitar after each level is completed will keep you going back to this again and again

4. Discworld 2: Missing, Presumed...!?

Based on the superb Terry Pratchett books, you play as Rincewind (Voiced by Monty Python's Eric Idle) the "Wizzard" who has been burdened with the task of coercing Death out of his impromptu retirement and back into his regular duties

A point and click adventure that lives up to the humour of the books

3. Final Fantasy VII

You should all know this game, no PSOne list is complete without it.

Also, one of your party was a cat, controlling a big robot cat with wings that would defeat enemies by rolling dice!!!

Did Square foresee the rise of the internet Cat Lords and Tabletop gaming!!!???

2. Ape Escape

A game changer in many ways, this was one of the first games to use Sony's new Dual Analog controller. The first stick did basically what it does now, move your character around, but the second stick used weapons in new and unique ways that we had never seen before on a console.

You had a light*coughcopyrightinfringement*saber that you could swing in a 360 degree arc to whack monkeys on the head, you could row a boat with each stick being one of the paddles, you could control an rc vehicle and have you move at the same time!

It basically unlocked a lot of cool gameplay elements plus there were a ton of easter eggs with the names of the monkeys you had to catch i.e. 4 were named Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny

1. Rival Schools

Back when Southend still had a decent arcade I played this game for the first time and was blown away. Capcom had recently tried to restart their Street Fighter franchise with the EX series. Basically it was Street Fighter with 3D graphics and a new physics engine which revamped and rejigged a lot of the fighting mechanics. A lot of people didn't like it but this gem of a game came out of it

You could pick kids and teams from "rival schools" that would specialise in their own fighting techniques to do with a sport subject i.e. you could fight as a cheerleader, baseball player, volleyball player and even the teachers

So when this was ported to the playstation I just had to pick it up, and the best thing was this wasn't just a port. There were tons of new characters to choose from, new game modes and a completely separate disc full of minigames and a story mode to play where you would unlock anime cutscenes for each character

Ones that almost made the list:

Gran Turismo, Vib Ribbon, Worms, Metal Gear Solid, Micro Machines V3, Breath of Fire III, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, The Resident Evil series (mainly 2), Devil Dice and Tekken 3

There were SOOOO many games that came out on the PSOne, it's likely that I've missed one of your favourites completely off this list so let me know what were YOUR favourites

Now Roll Out!!!


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