08 August 2012

Review a Bad Game Day

Back in January Eric Bailey of Nintendo Legend put out an idea on Twitter, on 8/8 there will be a new holiday for gamers titled "Review a Bad Game Day" of which many bloggers have signed up to take part, check out this link to see the other reviews.

So what constitutes a bad game? I mean every game that I think is sub par could be lauded by someone else and vice versa. I also tend to stay away from the baddest of games due to reading bad reviews or by word of mouth.

So I started thinking to myself what games are not just famous for being the worst, but regarded as legends in the field of pure stinkage

And this picture came to mind

I mean most people on the internet have gotten a great laugh out of this picture, but who can say they've actually played the game it is from? Let alone to completion?

Certainly not me, which is why I chose this game

So on with the review!

The plot

Lex Luthor has created a virtual version of Metropolis.

During a battle with Lex in his LexCorp office, Superman manages to witness the trapping of his friends Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Professor Emil Hamilton within the virtual realm.

Superman enters Lex's interdimensional portal, where Luthor tells him that he must fly through his maze of rings scattered across virtual Metropolis in order to save his friends.

Other villains you battle in the game include Parasite, Darkseid, Brainiac, Mala and Metallo.

The Graphics

Around the time the game came out we already had great looking games on the N64 like Banjo Kazooie, 1080 Snowboarding, Turok 2 and Smash Bros. There is a lot of fog in this game for a late N64 title, even in the interior levels and the excuse they give for it is "Kryptonite fog".

At least they got the Man of Tomorrow's costume right, but with the look on his face and his static pose he looks extremely constipated. He runs like he's part of Monty Pythons Ministry of Silly Walks and for some insane reason has a really wide turning circle whenever you want to turn around.

Also when he's flying whenever he turns he sticks out BOTH of his arms, do the developers not understand proper aerodynamics? Go watch Superman 1 with Christopher Reeves to see how it should really be done. Oh wait.....turns out it was to save on animation.......never mind >_>


You get to play as The Man of Steel himself but he's seriously underpowered due to all the kryptonite fog I mentioned up there ^

Most of the levels revolve around solving Lex's "Maze" with a few bits thrown in between

This is what my playthrough of the first level consisted of

Oh right, fly through some rings okay I guess.....SHIT I missed three of em, damn controls have to start again
Right, run out of time....start again....
Okay I got to the end, now I have to save a police officer by getting his car, so....do I land?
Car blows up start again!
Oh if I fly into it I pick it up.......oops its blown up
Okay I've picked up the car again......and it's blown up again.....-_-
.....okay just near the goal, do I have to fly through? Oh nope, car has blown up again

GAME OVER - Do you want to retry? Yes

Complete my maze!!! WTF????
Okay I complete the maze, do the car, another maze? This is ridiculous!
Oh right now I have to beat up some bad guys, why do they look like shadows? Anyway I beat them up
Okay now I have to blow out some tornados with my Super-Breath, sounds simple enough......
Oh I took too long, GAME OVER!!!
Retry? Yes
Oh this isn't so bad, restarted from the 3rd maze
I blow out the tornados and solve yet another maze

YAY I won the GAME!!! What? What do you mean that was only the first level? That felt like an eternity!!!!

There's 14 levels? **** this

*Looks up game cheats* There's a level skip for this game, PRAISE THE LORD!

All joking aside I only actually used the level skip in between sessions of gaming to get to the level I got up to. I played this game over several months and had to play some of the first levels again as a refresher.

The other types of levels are inside areas like a dam or the Lexcorp building. In these you run around fighting some bad guys and solving pretty simple puzzles. These levels are much better than the ring levels due to having no timer to deal with, although you still have to deal with an awful camera that gets stuck on terrain.

Best power?

I'm gonna have to say flight. For all the things this game got wrong power wise whether it was due to being underpowered or collecting power ups for your other powers like super breath, at least with flight you could activate it on command.

Yes the controls may be a bit borked and the animation is wildly innacurate, but once you forgive those just flying around in the training levels can be quite fun, albeit only for like 5-10 minutes tops.


After the failure of the N64 version, Titus decided to completely redesign Superman for the PlayStation. When the game was finished it received approval from Sony, but the license from Warner Bros. had expired and Titus was unable to secure a new one. Because of this, the game was cancelled in 2000. Given an exclusive look at the game, playstationmuseum.com stated that they had expected the worst, but they were pleasantly surprised by the "high quality graphics and animation" and awarded the game a rating of 90%.

Final thoughts?

I played this purely out of curiousity as I had played quite a lot of Superman games apart from this one

If you play one level a week you might tolerate it, but I seriously wouldn't recommend it as there are better Superman games out there like The Death and Return of Superman on the Super NES and MegaDrive/Genesis or Man of Steel on Xbox. Even those have to be taken with a grain of salt though

Why is it so hard for developers to make a Superman game?

So in closing this is perhaps one of the worst games ever made......or is it?

It could in fact be the greatest Superman simulator of all time, making you feel that one step closer to being old Kal-El himself.

Think about it, you're playing as the son of Jor-El who has to constantly keep his powers in check hence the unresponsive controls.

He sees all of Lex Luthors schemes as beneath him hence the "Solve my maze"

or you're playing as Bizarro............

Nah just kidding, Superman 64 gets awarded my first Review A Bad Game Day Super Turd Ribbon or RABGDSTR for short (pronounced Rab-Goods-Stir)

Hope you enjoyed the Review a Bad Game Day

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  1. Ah, mazes, everyone knows they are Superman's 2nd greatest weakness! Great review, reminds me why I never tough this with a bargepole!



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