08 August 2012

Review a Bad Game Day

Back in January Eric Bailey of Nintendo Legend put out an idea on Twitter, on 8/8 there will be a new holiday for gamers titled "Review a Bad Game Day" of which many bloggers have signed up to take part, check out this link to see the other reviews.

So what constitutes a bad game? I mean every game that I think is sub par could be lauded by someone else and vice versa. I also tend to stay away from the baddest of games due to reading bad reviews or by word of mouth.

So I started thinking to myself what games are not just famous for being the worst, but regarded as legends in the field of pure stinkage

And this picture came to mind

I mean most people on the internet have gotten a great laugh out of this picture, but who can say they've actually played the game it is from? Let alone to completion?

Certainly not me, which is why I chose this game

So on with the review!


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