14 June 2012

My Top 10 Game Guns

I said last week I would post another top 10 and to be honest I was struggling to think what to do.

But then my awesome friend Rooney Reverb asked on Facebook for opinions on favourite videogame guns and posted the results on his blog The Cantina Crowd which inspired me to write up my own.

I'm using the same rules as he did which are as follows

No melee weapons (obviously)
No superweapons (ie. Hammer of Dawn, Orbital Ion Cannon, etc), but vehicle/ship mounted weapons DO count.
Has to be from a game that saw general release (No alpha/beta test games that never made it onto the market!)

Also this is my own personal favourite list. Don't agree? Post YOUR favourites.

Got it? Good.

Now on with the guns!!!

10. Genki Manapult

We start off with the Genki Manapult from Saints Row the Third, also known as Professor Genki's Super Ballistic Manapult, which is a vehicle available in the Funtime! Pack DLC.

You're driving around in a vehicle with a massive cat face on the front and you are able to suck up pedestrians and fire them at will while listening to The Stars and Stripes. Okay that's pretty cool in itself but you are also able to get into the vehicle and launch yourself into the air gaining some serious hangtime.

05 June 2012

Game Reviews - Alice Madness Returns

I'm a big fan of the American McGee's Alice so when I got this sequel for my birthday I just had to play it.

So it's once more down the rabbit hole I go


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