19 May 2012

My Top 10 Sonic Music

As I said last week I would post my top 10 favourite Sonic the Hedgehog tracks so here they are.

The only rule I put on this is that I could only pick one song per game, so if I wanted to add Green Hill zone from Sonic 1 I also couldn't add Marble Garden.

Also this is my own personal favourite list. Don't agree? Post YOUR favourites.

Got it? Good.

Now on with the music!!!

10. Sonic 1 - Star Light Zone

I just love how light relaxing this feels. Gets you into the right mood for the final few levels.

9. Sonic Adventure 2 - White Jungle

This is a completely different feel to all the other tracks in SA2. Great track for when you first play as Shadow the Hedgehog.

8. Sonic Adventure - Windy Hill: The Air

This plays in the final section of Windy Hill and is actually an update of an earlier Sonic 3D track which played in Green Grove zone.

7. Sonic Spinball - Toxic Caves

Great track and one I heard a lot because Sonic Spinball was incredibly tough to get through the stages.

6. Sonic 3 - Launch Base Zone

Sonic 3's soundtrack sounded a lot different to the previous 3 games (Sonic 1, 2 and CD), which was maybe due to the fact that Michael Jackson possibly worked on some of the music. I say possibly because due to the scandals at the time Sega removed his name from the credits and we will never find out the true story.

5. Sonic CD - Sonic Boom

Due to the higher capacity of CD's Sega utilised this in the best way possible by using animated intros and endings. This song was only on the US release of Sonic CD

4. Sonic Advance 2 - Hot Crater Zone Act 1

I must have spent hours playing this track because the combination of level and music makes this really great for Sonic on the go!

3. Sonic Rush - Right There, Ride On

By one of my favourite videogame composers Hideki Naganuma. He also did the music for Jet Set Radio in my last top 10. How could I NOT include him?

2. Sonic 2 - Metropolis Zone

Being the only 3 stage zone in Sonic 2 you hear this a lot. In fact if I ever use the level select this is always the stage I play first to hear the awesome music.

1. Sonic and Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone Act 1

When I think Sonic, this immediately comes to mind. Such a fast paced track really gets your heart going and has the best hook of any game music ever from 0:25 - 0:41

I'll leave you with these great bonus videos

Raps set along to Sonic Music ^_^

And best mashup OF ALL TIME!!!

Also my good friend Refuse Bunny suggested this.

Come back next week for a Mario music top 10!


  1. Star Light Zone is the nuts! I've always loved that piece of music.
    Also, there's this: http://youtu.be/z5YWHDxyRL4

  2. Glad you like it. Also that was so good I've added it to the post!



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