19 May 2012

Series Review - Futurama

It was only a matter of time when I uttered the words “Series Reviews” on this blog until Futurama appeared. You could say it was mandatory



Number of Episodes – 97 plus 4 tv movies with an extra series due june 2012
When was it on – 1999 - 2013
Running time - About 22 minutes per episode
Cast –
Billy West as Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg
Katey Sagal as Leela
John Di Maggio as Bender

The plot

The series follows the adventures of a late 20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic 31st century

His companions include the delivery ship's captain, Turanga Leela, a beautiful one-eyed female alien who kicks some serious butt, and Bender "Bending" Rodriguez, a robot with very human flaws

What's right with it?

Futurama is a rare exception in broadcast television - a satirical science fiction cartoon that aims its jokes squarely at the top of the brow. Futurama is especially fun to watch because math, science, or programming references appear in almost every episode

As it has the futuristic setting it has some pretty wild ideas and concepts, including something called the “Internet” where people go online in specially made net suits and play games that are made entirely on video, they call them “videogames”

What’s wrong with it?

Some of the newer episodes aren’t that great, but then I’ve watched the other 72 episodes so many times that they are regarded as classics to me

A lot of the easter eggs go WAY over peoples heads. Some jokes require a PhD in Mathematics or a masters degree in computer science. It’s funny though even if you don’t get those jokes because there are many others to laugh at

Best Episode?

Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love

It starts of with the gang taking a trip to the gym where Dr Zoidberg loves this idea, who is “frisky as a squid on tuesday”

He opens up a previously unseen fin on the top of his head after doing some weightlifting and goes on a rampage through the gym

We learn that he is heavy with “Male Jelly” and has to go back to his home planet, “which will shortly erupt in an orgy of invertebrate sex”

What follows is the chance to learn about Dr Zoidbergs home customs, what technology his planet has and just what makes his homeplanet of Decapod 10 tick, which is tragic and hilarious at the same time

Great moments include Dr Zoidbergs display of affection on the beach “Craaaawww?” and Fry teaching Zoidberg about love and the tragic secret behind the Decapod 10 race

Bender: It's always so sad when a friend goes crazy and you have to have a big clam-bake and cook him! Yee-haw!

Decapod 10 citizen: See you there Doctor Eechhaaklaaookoooa
Fry: Is that how you say Zoidberg?
[The man runs off crying.]
Zoidberg: You didn't have to call attention to his speech impediment

Fry: (whispering) Start with a compliment. Tell her she looks thin.
Zoidberg: You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?
Edna: Why, yes. Thanks for noticing.

Zoidberg: I'm confused, Fry. I'm feeling a strange new emotion. Is it love when you care about a female for reasons beyond mating?
Fry: Nope. Must be some weird alien emotion.

Fry: I just came to tell you that Zoidberg's really great. He's got male jelly coming out the wazoo
Edna: Well that is where it comes out

Fry: Dr. Zoidberg, it's not how it looks.
Zoidberg: Her caviar is ON YOUR NECK!!!!

Best Character?

Dr John E. Zoidberg

From his introduction in the second episode “The Series has Landed” as the Planet Express company doctor you know he will be a character to look out for and he doesn’t disappoint. Over the course of the series we learn about his home planet, his many organs and stink glands and despite his career as a doctor, he is repeatedly identified as living in poverty, lonely and desperate for friendship and attention.

One of the inspirations for the character of Dr. Zoidberg was the fact that Star Trek character Leonard "Bones" McCoy frequently administered medical treatment to aliens such as Mr. Spock, so the creators wished human characters in Futurama to be in the uneasy situation of being treated by an alien doctor

Best Scene?

This song from “How Hermes Requesitioned His Groove Back”

Fox doesn't allow the video on Youtube due to copyright but you can still listen to the awesome lyrics

Zoidberg: They said I probably shouldn’t be a Surgeon
Farnsworth: They poo-pooed my electric frankfurter
Leela: They said I probably shouldn’t fly with just one eye
Bender: I am Bender please insert girder

And how could I do a post about Futurama witho….ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!!!

Best Quotes?

Zapp Brannigan: Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun!

Dummy #1: Is heaven missing an angel? 'Cause you have niiice cans.

Lucy Liu robot: I'll always remember you, Fry….MEMORY DELETED.

Farnsworth: Sweet zombie Jesus!

TV Announcer: Futurama is brought to you by: Glagnar's Human Rinds - It's a buncha, muncha, cruncha... human.

Lrrr: I am Lrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8

Ndnd: It is true what they say....men are from Omicron Persei 7 and women are from Omicron Persei 9

Lrrr: One of these days Ndnd....BANG! ZOOM! Straight to the second moon of Omicron Persei 8!

Dr. Zoidberg: [voiceover] As the candy hearts poured into the fiery quasar, a wondrous thing happened, why not. They vaporized into a mystical love radiation that spread across the universe, destroying many, many planets, including two gangster planets and a cowboy world. But one planet was exactly the right distance to see the romantic rays but not be destroyed by them: Earth. So all over the world couples stood together in joy. And me, Zoidberg. And no one could have been happier unless it would have also been Valentine's Day. What? It was? Hooray.

Bonus Trivia

At the beginning of the show, during the opening credits and theme song, there is always something different displayed in text at the bottom of the screen. At the very end of the theme song, there is always something different displayed on the screen before the ship crashes into it. This is reminiscent of Matt Groening's cult phenomenon of The Simpsons, as there are three distinctly varying elements in the intro music as well. (Bart's chalkboard writings, the method of the family sitting down on the couch and Lisa's saxophone solo as she leaves band practice.)

This show has a RIDICULOUS amount of Easter eggs. One of my favourite things to watch out for though are the alien languages. The show had three over the course of it and each one was more complicated to crack than the last

One of the more subtle running jokes in the show is that in the future, owls have replaced pigeons and rats as being pests. If you look carefully in many episodes, you can see owls pecking at food on the ground or coming out of mouse holes.


I love this series, even more than Matt Groenings other show The Simpsons

I think it must be the futuristic setting and riskier humour

You can pretty much watch them in any order but there are specific episodes that makes the first tv movie worth watching. If you’re a fan of the series you’ve probably already watched em but I’ll post em just in case

They are - Space Pilot 3000, Loves Labours Lost In Space, The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, Roswell That Ends Well, Jurassic Bark, the Why of Fry and The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings

And if you don’t agree with me you can Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!!!!

Watch it!!!

Only a few more weeks for more episodes \o/

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