01 March 2012

Fishy's Other Stuff - Mass Derp

I'm sure by now you've heard the news that GAME/Station will not be stocking any new EA games for the foreseeable future and are reimbursing customers for pre-orders and deposits

Right so let me get this straight

Gamestation months ago promote their new rewards card by giving you a free £5 deposit on any game, and most of the recommendations are for Mass Effect 3

With this recent kerfuffle they are giving you £5 to spend in store if you pre-ordered Mass Effect 3

So if you used this free deposit on Mass Effect 3 you are getting £10 of store credit for free

This isn't theory, I actually just did it!!!

Please bear in mind that the pre-order £5 has to be activated on your card when you go in store and wont be active until 24 hours after that

Essentially digging their own graves at this point

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