07 February 2012

Fishy's Film Reviews - Chronicle

Saw Chronicle at the cinema today ^_^

Certificate – 12A
Running time – 84
Scene after the credits – Little bit during the credits

Cast –
Dane DeHaan as Andrew
Alex Russell as Matt
Michael B. Jordan as Steve

The plot

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery.

Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

What's right with it?

The whole handycam footage in the film is done really well, because of the characters abilities with telekinesis it isn’t always a point of view shot, which could have been very jarring if done all the time like that, take Cloverfield for example. A lot of people got motion sickness

Yes it’s yet another Superpower origin movie, but with the filming style it really makes it much more enjoyable

What’s wrong with it?

It has been said that there are quite boring scenes in there, but I think this adds to the whole style of the movie and builds up the story


What the hell was that thing? It crash landed sure, and looked like it was alien in nature. I know some explanations are better left unsaid but this bugged me a bit

Best Scene?
The department store

Or the last 20 minutes, jeez that is done so well. Won’t spoil it here for ya

Best Quote?

Matt Garetty: "Are we rolling? I'm going to get the gum, pull it right out of his mouth."

Steve Montgomery: "Yes, it was the black guy this time..."

Bonus Trivia

As an advertising stunt for the film, radio-controlled planes made to look like humans were made to soar around the city of New York.

Final Thoughts
It’s bloody good

If it was released in the Summer it could have gone completely under the radar going up against films like The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Spider-Man

I’m glad it didn’t

My Advice?
Go watch it!!!

The guy who wrote it also did this, you should check it out

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