16 January 2012

Fishy's Game Reviews - Saints Row The Third

Probably one of the best and most fun games released in 2011

Certificate – 18
Demo available? – No, but there is a separate character creator demo
Version reviewed – PS3
Other versions - Xbox 360 and PC
Players – 2 with online co-op
Downloadable content - Yes

First of all, would you kindly read the review for the second game if you haven't done so already, I'll just be jumping over this bridge like a mofo

The plot

Since the events of Saints Row 2, the 3rd Street Saints have turned their street gang into a media empire after merging with the Ultor Corporation, becoming icons across the world, with their own energy drink, Japanese commercials, a large fanbase, and a movie deal in the works. But when they attempt to rob a bank with Josh Birk (a TV star who is "researching" his part for the Saints' movie) in town, their everyday routine takes an unlikely turn when the bank tellers unexpectedly fight back with military grade weapons and, after a large-scale firefight, the Saints are incarcerated.

An international crime organisation called The Syndicate bribes the police to release the Saints' leader (henceforth referred to as Boss), Gat, and Shaundi. The three are taken to the Syndicate's leader, Phillipe Loren, to try and negotiate a business plan with them aboard Loren's private jet. While in-flight, Loren tells them they will be allowed to live if they turn over two-thirds of their revenue made in Stilwater. The Boss and Gat immediately reject this unfair offer, starting a gunfight aboard the private jet. The plane loses control, and objects start to get sucked out of the plane. The Boss and Shaundi are sucked out of the plane, and he/she/it is forced to battle enemies among the falling debris in mid-air, then catch Shaundi.

Upon landing, the two find themselves in the Syndicate controlled city of Steelport, a Pittsburgh-esque city described by Shaundi as "Bangkok's abusive father". The Saints invade Steelport in an attempt to profit off the city and also take control of organised crime away from the Syndicate as revenge for killing Gat.

The game's main plot revolves around removing the three gangs that the Syndicate is composed of. These gangs consist of the Morning Star, a group of European businessmen that control Steelport's sex trade and manufacture weapons and genetically engineered, sometimes heavily armed, albeit flawed, superhumans called Brutes, the Deckers, a group of Tron-look-a-like elite hackers that launders money for the Syndicate and destroys the Saints' large bank accounts, and the Luchadores, a group of Mexican wrestlers who control gambling in Steelport.

The Graphics
Absolutely gorgeous

Everything has a nice sheen to it and is a step above everything in Saints Row 2


First of all, they have seemed to rip out everything that wasn’t fun about the second game

There is less choice in the side missions you can do, but the ones they have left in are fun as hell. Riding around in a car where you have to drive against traffic to build up your confidence while a tiger sits in the passenger seat casually mauling at you is one of the many highlights

They’ve added in a pretty neat feature where you can upgrade different things, like the damage you do with guns and vehicles, take less damage when falling or on fire and also a whole range of people you can ring up to deliver specific vehicles and you are constantly rewarded throughout the game for every choice you make

One of the other major changes over the old game is the ability to upgrade your weapons. Most guns categories have one or two weapons to choose from, normally one being fully upgraded so you can shoot exploding bullets, or the alternative is armour piercing

Plus there is the whole factor of the new melee weapons which can’t be upgraded, but are hella fun and include a 12 inch dildo bat called “The Penetrator” and giant fists called “Apoca-Fists” that instantly turn your opponent into gibs and the new special weapons including the “Sonic Boom” which launches your opponent away from you or if fully charged turns them into liquid puddles

Unfortunately one of the side effects of having all this new stuff added in and lots of graphic detail is that something had to give, and that is some of the minor upgrades you can make like the way your character walks and their attitude and other little things like only one choice of colour on the hairstyles instead of two and most special vehicles like the swat teams “Bear” or garbage trucks, cement mixers and the like cannot be upgraded like they used to be.

This is just a minor annoyance over the excellent quality of the rest of the game though

Best Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up?

Weapon - The Apoca-Fists
These are a pair of oversized costume fists that not only cause the enemy to combust into a gory mess when the enemy is punched but are also able to take out most vehicles in 2 punches. Something much useful in the later game where you are absolutely surrounded and have no way else out apart from to blow the car and yourself up. By this point you should be upgraded enough to see it only as a minor hindrance though

Vehicle - The Torch
This vehicle can be found throughout Steelport, and is known for its great speed and handling. This vehicle has the capacity to seat 2 people, driver and passenger. I love the look of this car. It can be argued that much better vehicles are unlocked later in the game but a completely souped up version of this car was always my go to vehicle of choice, because it looks hella cool

Final Thoughts
Granted it is a bit shorter and more linear than the previous game but I could just not put this down. It is an absolute joy from start to finish, not only being fun to play but hilarious to boot.

The ability to add your character and take screenshots in game then add them to an online database that anyone can view is great, all of the screenshots for this review were created using it plus you can download some awesomely created characters

While just messing around waiting for a New Years Party at my friends we created a She-Hulk, a crazy buff Silver Surfer and Homer Simpson so you can do a lot with it, and before you even buy the game you can check out the character creator by downloading the initiation station on Xbox, PS3 or Steam. If you do want to add or download characters on 360 you do need a gold account so take that into consideration

My personal choice for the game was female voice 3 and I tried to play it as a continuation of my character from Saints Row 2 but hell, I don’t need to tell you how to play it. Go out and buy it and create your own back-story or come to this with fresh eyes

After Saints Row 2 was done for me I was like “Okay that was good, I may start again in a few years”

For 3 it was “JESUS CHRIST!!!! Wow, I’ve gotta play that again, like right now, I wanna hear ALL the voices and make different choices”

My Advice?
Buy it!!!!

PS3 copies include a digital copy of Saints Row 2 if the online pass is redeemed before February 13th 2012

So all I have left to say is "TRANSFORM AND ROLL-OUT!!!


  1. Great, brief review! I have to say, Saints Row IV was pretty disappointing (have you tried it?). For me, the Third will remain the best of the series.

  2. Yeah I played 4, I really liked the Superhero mechanic of it but 3 will always be the best

    To me a Saints Row game is all about the crazy storylines but also about the modding which I found lacking in 4



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