06 December 2011

Fishy's Other Stuff - Boffer Bag of Crap #1

Got my 1st Boffer Bag of Crap from www.boffer.co.uk today!!!
That's my bro talking in the background and his girlfriend filming

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Check out after the jump for a spoiler list of what I got

1. Sports bag
2. Actually a Rolls Royce Polo shirt
3. Panties
4. What I thought was a thing about the box was actually a Boffer T-Shirt!!!
5. Stick anywhere Seahorse
6. XMas Weather Vane
7. Tea Time chopping board
8. The Who Drumsticks
9. Firewire cable kit
10. Universal car charging kit
11. 3 bottles of hand sanitising lotion
12. A garden ornament crocodile
13. Tribal pendant and necklace plus butterfly earrings
14. Me to You Bears lanyard
15. Another garden ornament croc
16. A necklace
17. Another Me to You Bears lanyard
18. A baby toy
19. Drinks flask with first aid kit
20. Bag of football pens and stencils with paper
21. Football rubbers
22. Football pencil case
23. Random christmas cards
24. 5 packs of HB pencils
25. Travel alarm clock/timer
26. Christmas tree tea light holder


  1. Bagsy the xmas tree candle holder! I don't think its tacky at all. Oh and thanks for the thought but you can keep the necklace x

  2. I like seahorses and any thing else you want to give me

    from mum x

  3. i'd like anything you've got please. i like presents...mum xxxx

  4. You're not getting the candle holder!!!

    and mum, I'll see what I can do ^_^




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