27 November 2011

Fishy's Other Stuff - The Disaronno Test

When on a night out I normally enjoy a Disaronno and coke.

It's become my regular drink since my birthday in January but I decided to try out a few different mixers to see what worked best and maybe find a new favourite drink

I should also add that this blog is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Disaronno. I just love the taste of Marzipan or Almondy drinks

Drink #1

Disaronno + Orange Juice

This was nice, tasted a bit like Smarties. A good start to the evening

Drink #2

Disaronno + Lemonade + Lime Cordial

Better known as a Marzipan or in some circles (i.e. my friends) an Armadillo

Pretty nice, lemonade is a great mixer for any alcohol, apart from maybe Baileys because it curdles :P

Bit too limey though, next time will add a little less

Drink #3

Disaronno + Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows

Oh God this drink. It was SO GOOD. A nice winters drink this one, leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling

Me Gusta!!!

Drink #4

Disaronno + Fireball Whisky + a dash of Pepsi

Bought by a friend

Bleugh, the cinnamon in the Fireball Whisky was WAY too strong, this needs a better balance - maybe 1 shot of disaronno and maybe ½ or ¼ Fireball whisky

Drink #5

Disaronno + Orange & Passionfruit J2O

This drink is awesome if a little expensive because J2O is not a free mixer

I tried it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.

The perfect mixture of this is ½ J2O to 1 shot of Disaronno so get a small glass and plenty of ice

So there you have it.

Some ideas for next time

Cranberry juice
Pineapple juice
Red Bull
Green Tea

Also "Your Mum" was suggested as one of the mixers by my friend Gail, you should add her on Twitter

Might get a slap if I suggested this, especially if I asked the Barmaid for a dash of her Mum

In all seriousness though Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation

Visit Drink Aware for the facts

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  1. What about disaronno lemonade and blackcurrant cordial ?



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