26 October 2011

Fishy's Game Reviews - Batman - Arkham City

I loved Arkham Asylum, this game doesn't even come close


Certificate – 16 or Teen
Demo available? - No
Version reviewed - Xbox 360 Limited Collectors Edition
Install size on 360 – 7.7 GB
Players - 1
Downloadable content - Yes

First of all, would you kindly read the review for the first game if you haven't done so, otherwise I'd have to interrogate you like this guy here

The plot

New Arkham City inmate and rising warlord Two-Face devises a plan to publicly execute fellow prisoner Catwoman after she tries to steal back some of her ill-gotten gains from his hideout.

Meanwhile, Gotham City has degenerated into a police state managed by Mayor Sharp, where citizens with the slightest trace of a criminal record find themselves shipped to the prison district. Those who dare to challenge Sharp's policies are the target of arranged disappearances, becoming political prisoners trapped behind Arkham's walls.

Among these is Bruce Wayne, who holds a rally attacking the proposal of turning half his city into a walled-off reserve for criminally inclined persons. Segregated from society, he argues, they have become responsible for their own survival in an anarchic urban hell, which is characterised by bloody gang wars.

Wayne, as the latest focus of Sharp's vendetta, is kidnapped by Tyger Security operatives working for Hugo Strange, who is privy to his dual identity as Batman. Strange intends to unveil new plans for Arkham City before the night is up, an operation code-named Protocol 10, which will establish himself as supreme ruler of Gotham. Now an inmate, the Dark Knight manages to have Alfred Pennyworth deliver his crime-fighting equipment to him directly via an airdrop, and he prepares to save Catwoman from Two-Face for the sake of their past relationship while uncovering the true nature of Protocol 10.

The Graphics


Rocksteady have somehow managed to 1up themselves over the previous Arkham game and made everything much more detailed and made a whole city out of it

It was great seeing some of the characters in person whereas in the first one where they just get a mention, and the Arkham inspired new designs do not disappoint

I would go further into specific characters I LOVED seeing but that be spoiler territory yo, and I just couldn’t do that to my readers


I mentioned in the first games review that “You ARE Batman!!!”

Well, in this you are again, but tenfold.

All of his awesome gadgets not only return from the first game, but also get improved upon and even more gadgets are added (apart from the Batplane and Batmobile, again…… ;_; )

The combat has improved as well. It feels much more fluid, and like the first game when a goon is about to attack there will be a white flash above his head and at this point you push a button and do a really cool counter move. Only this time around you get multiple attackers trying it at once, enemies with different weapons, padded armour and shields and you have to think tactically to take them out.

Later on you get specific enemies you have to take out last because they are a part of the Riddler's gang and you have to interrogate them to gain information about location of Riddler trophies in that area

Speaking of Riddler trophies there are now a lot more of them and I found some of them even harder to crack than the first game so you better put your thinking cap on if you want to tackle this part of the game

Best Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up?

It has to be Batman’s Cape™.

With an open world there has to come a method of travelling around it, and what better way than Batman’s Cape™. You can glide around, dive bomb and pull up to gain height and its really fun doing it.

My advice would be when you play the game to do the first four AR missions as this unlocks a faster flight ability that’s really handy

Limited Collectors Edition

This edition includes

- a Batman statue by Kotobukiya
- a collectible art book (with SPOILERS for the game so don’t read it first)
- the animated film Batman: Gotham Knight on DVD
- The Dark Knight Returns skin
- the Penguin-themed "Iceberg Lounge" challenge
- and an online pass for Catwoman

Everyone buying a new version of the game gets the online pass for Catwoman, so if you buy it second hand you have to pay out for it. The Catwoman missions are fun if a little short, but do add nice bookends to the Batman story.

The Dark Knight Returns skin can be chosen straight away in any of the combat maps and can be played in the normal game after you complete the story, and if you shop around other retailers are doing different skins. These will be available to download along with a Robin and Nightwing pack to play as these guys

Personally if I didn’t get the Collectors edition I would have bought it from Game or Gamestation where you can get early access to the Robin pack

Final Thoughts
This is EVERYTHING I could have hoped for in a sequel

It has a ton of replayability too, I’ve done the main story missions and still have all the sidequests and Riddler trophies to find. Plus with a new game + mode where you get to play the game again with all your gadgets but with harder enemies I will be playing this for many more weeks to come

The only really bad thing I can say about it is at some points it can seem overwhelming with the amount of stuff you can do

My Advice?

This is Game of the Year material right here, even if you aren’t a Batman fan.

And if you are? Prepare for the ride of your life and lots of nerdgasms

Buy it!!!!

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