16 October 2011

Fishy's Film Reviews - Green Lantern

Got the triple play Green Lantern today ^_^

Certificate – 12A
Running time – 123 mins (Extended cut) / 114 mins (Theatrical cut)
Scene after the credits – Yes, about halfway through
Release date – 17th October 2011

Cast –
Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan
Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond
Mark Strong as Sinestro
Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur

The plot
A cocky test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

“Now let's get these pants off and fly some planes”

What's right with it?
It’s a fun movie, and although there are a few changes made to the mythos from the comic, I believe they work for the better in a movie format. Not all the changes work though, but I’ll get into that below

The constructs look awesome, and the reinvented costumes for the movie work in a great way, especially having the costume form as part of the skin

Kilowog and Tomar-Re are two of my faves from the comics, and I’m glad that they got them pretty spot on

There are some great Easter Eggs for fans if they look or listen carefully

What’s wrong with it?
Hector Hammond is creepy, but not as much as in the comics.
Parallax as a giant space cloud? Seriously? Did the makers of this not see the atrocity of Galactus in the second Fantastic Four film?

When the main villain is severely lacking, your not as interested in the heroes battles. You need a perfect nemesis. Readers of the comics and people that watched the scene after the credits will know who the villain really should have been in this.

Best Scene?

This and the training scenes on Oa were my favourites

This really expands on the mythos of Green Lantern and we get to see a lot of other Lanterns

Hannu (planet Ovacron 6, sector 0002: a stone humanoid)
Apros (planet 7Pi, sector 0003: orange plant)
Naut Le Koi (planet Aeros, sector 0012: humanoid fish)
Larvox (planet Sputan, sector 0017: cycloptic six-armed)
Norchavius (planet Gra'var, sector 0026: mottled green, black and orange)
Voz (planet Eciram, sector 0571: looks like a bear)
MedPhyll (planet J586, sector 0586: cycloptic humanoid plant)
Morro (planet Sarc, sector 0666: blue thin monster looking)
R'amey Holl (planet Papillox, sector 0700: humanoid butterfly)
Rot Lop Fan (planet Obsidian Deeps, sector 0911: big-headed)
Galius Zed (planet Noc'Sag, sector 1123: giant head with small limbs)
Booddikka (planet Bellatrix, sector 1414; pink skinned female)
Chaselon (planet Barrio III, sector 1416: four-armed crystal)
Salaak (planet Slyggia, sector 1418: pinkish orange four-armed)
Lin Canar (planet Fluvian, sector 1582: aquatic plant)
Bzzd (planet Aplaton, sector 2261: insect)
Isamot Kol (planet Thanagar, sector 2682: reptilian humanoid)
M'Dahna (planet Zanner, sector 2751: cycloptic with tentacular arms)
Green Man (planet Uxor, sector 2626: amphibious)
Stel (planet Grenda, sector 3009: robot)
Amanita (planet Muscaria, sector 3100: giant fungus)
Penelops (planet Penelo, sector 3155: cycloptic with tentacular arms)

Best Quote?

Hal Jordan: [points the ring at the Lantern] I pledge allegiance to a lantern, given to me by a dying purple alien.
Hal Jordan: [trying to charge his ring] To infinity and beyond?... By the power of Grayskull!

In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let all who worship evil's might
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Bonus Trivia
In the comics, there have been six people who held (and still hold) the title of the Green Lantern: Alan Scott (1940), Hal Jordan (1959), Guy Gardner (1968), John Stewart (1971), Kyle Rayner (1994) and Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (AKA "Jade," Alan Scott's daughter, 1983). Scott and Jade are the only ones who are different because their powers come from a magical source, and though they have been Green Lanterns in name, they are actually not part of the Green Lantern Corps (though Jade did join up)

The scriptwriters drew inspiration from the Green Lantern comics 'Emerald Dawn' (which told the story of Hal Jordan's induction into the Green Lantern Corps and how he became its greatest member) and 'Secret Origin' (a modern retelling of Hal Jordan's early days as a Green Lantern), as well as the work of Denny O'Neil-Neal Adams and Dave Gibbons' work on the "Green Lantern" comic.

The Green Lantern uniform is portrayed in computer-generated imagery; this was a creative move by the filmmakers, who wanted the uniform not to be a real cloth outfit but a light construct generated by the Lantern power ring. Notably the comics originally started with Hal Jordan wearing an actual uniform, but later changed it to where his and the other Green Lanterns uniforms were constructs created by their rings. The humanoid actors wore motion-capture suits, over which the uniforms were rendered.

At one point Clark Kent/Superman was in the script (he had a cameo as one of the candidates considered to receive a power ring), but he was cut out because the filmmakers didn't want to depend on another superhero for a success.

Geoff Johns tried to get the film produced in 2000, but the first question he was asked was whether the film could be made without the ring. This discouraged him so badly that he didn't make another attempt until The Dark Knight was released to critical acclaim.

Triple Play edition

With the triple play edition you get the Blu-Ray, DVD and a digital copy of the movie you can download on iTunes or Windows Media Player

The DVD that comes with this version is a vanilla disc with no special features

On the Blu-Ray you get

- A maximum movie mode where you have a picture in picture commentary, featurettes, character bios, galleries and storyboards
- a 20 minute documentary about the Green Lantern comics
- the first issue of Justice League of America which is on film and 10 minutes long
- A 6 and a half minute preview of the new Animated series
- Featurettes about reinventing the costume for the film, the art of Green Lantern, more members of the Corps and also how they filmed the training scene on Oa
- A 10 minute feature on Ryan Reynolds becoming the Green Lantern
- 7 minutes of deleted scenes
- And finally an extended cut of the film, which features an extra scene at the beginning with a young Hal Jordan, some of which is in the theatrical release when Hal is taking a dogfighting test which is a scene later. It’s not needed, why flashback to something that only happened onscreen five minutes before?

Early buyers also get a download code for Arkham City for a new Batman costume which is a Playstation 3 exclusive

Final Thoughts
Like I mentioned in the game I reviewed I can only really recommend it to fans of the comics, which is a real shame

With two main bad guys in the film I felt like Hal was put on the back burner. It is an origin story after all and it needed some more scenes on Oa with more training, but due to the amount of special effects in the film it would probably balloon to Avatar budget proportions

Go and watch the animated Green Lantern flick “First Flight” to see just how awesome this could have been

But just think, no matter what you think of it, at least it wasn’t as bad as this *shudder*

My Advice?
If you’re a Ryan Reynolds fan you should see it

If you’re curious about other DC characters apart from Superman and Batman you should get it

If you’re a Green Lantern fan WHY HAVEN’T YOU BOUGHT IT ALREADY!!!!!???

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