25 August 2011

Fishy's Game Reviews - SF3 TS OE

Thats Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition for the unhadokenated

An excellent port of, in my opinion,one of if not THE best Street Fighter game ever

So lets see what new additions Capcom has added this time

Certificate – 12 or Teen
Demo available? - Yes. PS3 and Xbox 360
Price – 1200 MS points or about £10
Version reviewed - Xbox Live Arcade
Install size on 360 – 702.29 MB
Install size on PS3 – 620 MB
Players - 1-8
Downloadable content – Yes. A character you can unlock playing the game anyway and some extra options you can unlock when you complete the game with all characters

The plot
A mysterious new organization has come to light, led by Gill. Gill holds the Street Fighter 3 tournament non-publicly so that he may find the "chosen ones" that are worthy to become part of his plan to create an ideal world.

But come on, who plays these kind of games for the plot?

The Graphics
Brilliantly animated.

When this originally came out the step up in frames of animation and detail over Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo was extraordinary, since then we’ve had many 2d animated fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, but this still sure looks purty

This is the game where they introduced a lot of the ideas that are present in games like Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3

There are 19 characters to choose from and one extra you unlock. Each of these has individual “Super” moves they can perform by inputting certain commands

"Super Ex’s" are where you input one of these commands and push two of these buttons instead of one which makes it more powerful and harder to block. This uses part of your Super Bar though

The Super Bar allows you to perform extended and harder hitting versions of these moves called "Super Arts", but whereas in other Capcom fighting games you normally have about three to choose from at any one particular time, in this you have a choice of three and get to only pick one when you choose your character. This can create whole new ideas of how to approach playing a character just from picking a different move

Getting a good mix of all of these and knowing when and how to use them is what makes a great Street Fighter player

Each character is now also capable of parrying attacks, where you have to push towards the opponent at the exact moment their attack will hit, although getting the timing down of these are particularly difficult, which neatly gets me on to my next subject

2011 Online Edition
One of the great new additions to this is the VP or Vault Points system. To get 5 points you might have to perform 10 fireballs or set 5 people on fire. You spend these points in the vault where you get to unlock character concept artwork, original music, stages and ending movies or you could enter the Trial mode, where you are made to perform and get the timing down of parrys and also how to perform character specific combos to get more points and slowly evolve to become a fighting champion

With the visuals the default is a standard 4:3 view, but you can choose widescreen, stretched, or cabinet views. I think cabinet view is the best because not only is it shown how it originally appeared, on the side of the screens it shows your progress with the VP’s which is pretty handy. There are also two optional filters, smooth and crisp, both of which look pretty nice.

For online aficionados, there are your normal ranked and player matches and a tournament mode. Tournament mode allows up to 8 players, and you can choose private slots for your friends if you only want to play against them

Best Weapon/Move/Vehicle/Power-Up?
The Hadoken

Ah the Hadoken, the beginners go to move. It does a hell of a job of pulling you out of a tight spot. If you ask people to name a move from Street Fighter they will most likely not only tell you the Hadoken, but also do the motion for it as well

Final Thoughts
For a game that was released 11 years ago it still stands up today as one of the best fighting games Capcom have ever made.

I think one of the best things about this game is that only 4 of the original characters are in it, at the time the rest were all brand new, only 3 of which have since returned in Street Fighter 4. Because of this the roster still feels brand new today and characters like Elena, an African princess who uses the fighting style of capoeira; Oro, a hermit who binds one arm while fighting and Twelve, who can shape his body into weapons add some much needed variation to the series

One thing that I have to point out though is if you want to sink time into this game and become a master at it you will develop blisters which in the industry is known as “Street Fighter thumbs”, especially fighting against the last boss, this was the start of the gimmicky last boss in the series and is full of spammy moves and if you defeat him when he has a full super bar the bastich does a full recover, so you have to defeat him all over again. Bloody hard even on some of the easier difficulties, on hard mode you need the patience of a monk

If you want to take it to the next level you really need to invest in a fight stick because some of the combos are pretty much impossible on a controller. They are to me anyway and I’ve been playing Street Fighter for 20 years

My advice?
If you’re a Street Fighter fan it’s a must buy!
I would advice other people to download the demo first, as it’s a much harder fighter to get into than the more casual style of Marvel vs Capcom 3

I thought I would post this video from a Tournament that took place in 2004. Check out from 1:25 to 2:50 to see just how awesome people can get at this, so start downloading the game now and practice, practice, practice!!!

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