13 August 2011

Fishy's Game Reviews - Saints Row 2

Certificate – 18
Demo available? - No
Version reviewed - Xbox 360
Install size on 360 – 6.8GB
Players – 2 with online co-op
Downloadable content - Yes

The plot

At the end of Saints Row, the protagonist was aboard Alderman Richard Hughes' luxury yacht when a bomb exploded on the yacht leaving the fates of Hughes and The Protagonist (Player Character) unknown.

In Saint's Row 2, it is revealed that Hughes was killed and The Protagonist was put into a coma.

Five years pass and the Protagonist awakes in a prison hospital ward and received extensive plastic surgery. The protagonist meets inmate Carlos Mendoza and the pair escape the island and return to the protagonist's home city Stilwater, rebuilt by the Ultor Corporation after a devastating earthquake that left parts of the city below sea-level.

The Protagonist then rescues friend Johnny Gat from a courtroom proceeding, enlists the help of Johnny's friends Pierce and Shaundi and begins to rebuild the divided Third Street Saints gang

The Graphics
Pretty good

It’s been said that GTA4 looks much more realistic but Saints Row isn’t about that. SR2 has a cartoony art style all its own


First off, the game is similar to the GTA games. Run around the city looking for crap to do, but if I had to choose one word to describe the difference, it would have to be "Insanity".

It has a minigame where you throw yourself into traffic to rack up insurance money, Septic Avenger where you drive a septic truck and splatter houses in sewage to decrease property values and FUZZ, where you go around disguised as a police officer to record footage for a police reality show and exhibit excessive force on your targets

The customisation is also excellent.

You can you customise your character right down to what voice they have, individual jaw bone structure and the way your character walks. The best thing about this is the fact they show up like that in the cutscenes, right down to the individual stuff your character is wearing

Every vehicle in this game is customisable in one way or another. From various different colours and textures, to wheel rims to giving your car nitrous oxide for that much needed boost power when driving around

Best Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up?

Weapon - The AS14 Hammer Shotgun, Ultor invented this fully automatic shotgun for users with no concern for civilian mortalities, only to see their target blown to pieces.
This weapon has a high rate of fire, making it an ideal weapon for room sweeps and gang wars. Some Sons of Samedi carry this and it costs $10,000 from Friendly Fire.

Vehicle - The Halberd is a hatchback which seats 4 people and can be found anywhere in Stilwater, but is rarely encountered on highways. It is one of the smallest cars in the game and can weave easily through traffic in the same manner as bikes. Because it is a small vehicle, it has poor damage resistance but you can counter-act that by upgrading the body. It’s based on a mini

Final Thoughts
There are still some problems with the A.I. but the amount of stuff you can do in this sure makes up for it. I’m 45 hours into the game and I’m * nearly * finished. There are missions to do all over the place that I need to complete

My advice?
Buy it!!!!

Or you could wait for Saints Row 3, which looks absolutely mental

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