13 August 2011

Fishy's Film Reviews - Four Lions

Thought I’d watch this, been hearing good things about it from everyone

When I first heard the name I thought it was a film about football, so avoided it like the plague, wish I hadn’t now

Certificate – 15
Running time – 97 minutes
Version Reviewed – DoovdĂ©
Scene after the credits – No, scenes take place during the first half though
Cast –
Kayvan Novak as Waj
Riz Ahmed as Omar
Nigel Lindsay as Barry

The plot
A group of young Muslim men living in Sheffield have become radicalised and aspire to become suicide bombers; Omar, the leading member who is deeply critical of Western society; his dim-witted friend Waj; Barry, a bad-tempered White convert to Islam, and naive Faisal, who tries to train crows to be used as bombers

What's right with it?
You would think that a comedy about suicide bombers would be riddled with tasteless humour, but it’s actually a pretty enjoyable, smart black comedy that holds truth in the subject matter and gets you thinking about the important issues

The characters are also very likeable in their own strange little ways, and you really feel for them at points even though they are extremists

Also I think Waj is the best character in this, you may know him better as the Fonejacker, the same comedian that came up with “I don't want Verhs!, I want DoovdĂ© and a Joovc Looke-De-Turve!” and “Bhello, By Bame Bis Brian Badonde”

What’s wrong with it?
Well, it’s a highly controversial subject, but director Chris Morris has never been one to shy away from controversy, he’s the guy that wrote and directed Brass Eye that had the “Paedophile” episode

Best Scene?
This scene with the prayer bear and rabbits with no ears

Best Quote?
Ed: [conversing on the phone] Right so what sort of girls are you into, then, Waj?
Waj: I don't know. Ones with big jubblies and that.
Ed: Yeah? You like them big, Waj? Yeah.
Waj: And nice fit arses, too, man.
Ed: You're an arse man, aren't you, Waj? I knew you were, bro. You're an arse man. You're a massive arse man.
Waj: What are you saying?
Ed: I'm saying you're an arse man, Waj.
Waj: You giving me batty chirps, bro? You calling me a whammer?
Ed: No.
Waj: Fuck off!
[Ends phone conversation]
Waj: Fucking Boy George!

and the bit with the wookie later on

Bonus Trivia
Morris spent three years researching the project, speaking to terrorism experts, police, the secret service, and imams, as well as ordinary Muslims, and writing the script in 2007.

According to Christopher Morris, Barry, the Jihadist group leader, was based on a former BNP member who in an attempt to out-knowledge the Asian youths he regularly assaulted, studied the Qur'an and as a result "accidentally converted himself" and became a Muslim.

In the UK, the poster states "If you're reading this, find out what's wrong with you" in the small printed credits. As of October 2010, the poster is available in high resolution on the official UK website.

It’s worth seeing, there’s a lot of good quotes and moments and it gets you thinking, which is what you need in a black comedy like this

Plus as it's directed by Chris Morris you'll see a lot of British comedians with small cameos

Watch it!

So if you like this film review and like the film, hell, even if you didn't like it - Tell me why in the comments or on facebook or twitter

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