08 August 2011

Fishy's Film Reviews - Dumb and Dumber

Certificate – UK - 12 US - PG13
Running time – 113 minutes
Version Reviewed – Directors Cut
Cast –
Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas
Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne
Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson

The plot
Harry and Lloyd are two brainless losers who try to return a suitcase full of money to its pretty owner. After a journey full of accidents they arrive in snowy Aspen, Colorado and try to find her. But will they succeed?

What's right with it?

The amount of awesome quotes, funny moments and gross out (of the time) comedy makes this one of those perfect viewing movies

When Jeff Daniels took the role as Harry, it was his first proper comedy role as before he was more of a dramatic playwright, while Jim Carrey had just come off the comedy successes of Ace Ventura and the Mask, but he doesn’t ever feel like Jim Carreys lesser sidekick, they are equal comedy partners in their roles

What’s wrong with it?
The only thing I can say is wrong with it is when they show the film on ITV or a similar channel, as it’s always before the watershed

They cut out some of the best jokes in the film, in fact some cuts are so bad that it kills the flow of the movie

Best Scene?

Best Quote?
Harry: That was genius, Lloyd, sheer genius. I mean where did you come up with a scam like that?
Lloyd: Saw it in a movie once.
Harry: That's incredible! So what happened, so the guy tricks some sucker into picking up his tab and gets away with it scott free?
Lloyd: No, in the movie, they catch up to him half mile down the road and slit his throat! Hahaha! It was a good one.

Bonus Trivia
When Harry and Lloyd are in the car, Lloyd asks if Harry wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world. This was not originally in the script (you can tell by the look on Jeff Daniels' face).

Nicolas Cage and Gary Oldman were the original choices to play Harry and Lloyd. I’ll just let you think about that one for a sec…….

I like this film
I like it a lot!

I could watch this film a hundred times and I would never get bored with it, in fact I think I’m pretty close to that figure already

It’s the perfect comedy to enjoy on your own, with friends, family etc

If you haven’t seen it you really should!!!
And if you have seen it but not in a while? Go watch it!!!

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