26 July 2011

Please stand by......

Started a brainstorming session recently due in part to my friend Rebecca who did some of her own recently too, you should check out her awesome fashion blog Rebeccas Vintage Romance

So re-design is *almost* done. Just got some things I need to tweak here and there

Expect regular updates and *god forbid* I may actually try and stick to some kind of schedule. Sorry if this latest blog seems a bit disjointed as I am also thinking of some good ideas as I type

Lots of fun stuff to follow including

top ten lists
Sequels I wanna see

Reviews (I go to the cinema almost weekly so expect a new one every week or so)
Comic based films
What I think are the worst and best films of all time and why
Top ten lists

Other things I love
Warhammer - got some ideas for that and some pictures to post
Whats hot and whats not in the world of Monsieur Poisson

Let me know what you peeps think, whether on Twitter, Facebook or email

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