08 April 2010

Bloody DLC

I'm getting kinda tired with DLC at the moment

First thing that really got my goat, even though I haven't even got the game, is the Modern Warfare 2 stimulus pack for 1200 ms points, which is about £10 for 5 maps, 2 of which were in a previous game. This sold over 2.5 million units in little under a week which is just ridiculous. Next time they'll probably charge more for it because they know they can

By the way, for 1200ms you can buy the excellent Shadow Complex, or Perfect Dark HD and another game for 400ms. Which will last you a lot longer

Next up is Sega All Stars Racing. For 560 MS points you can buy Metal Sonic and a Death Egg track with 5 songs that only play on that track. Now I'm not dissing the game, it's an awesome game but to charge £5 for only one new character and track is taking the piss

You can also have the privilege of paying about £3.50 to play as Ryo riding a Forklift truck. This just craps on loyal Shenmue fans

Another thing with Sega All-Star racing is that you can pay £4 for the game to unlock all characters, tracks and songs.

Do you remember a time when we could do the same thing for free, by putting in a cheat code?

I miss those days :(

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