15 February 2010

Fable 3

Today I want to talk about the upcoming Peter Molyneux sequel to the best selling Fable 1 and 2 games

I loved Fable 1, but Fable 2 was more of the same and although a much larger game I didn't feel as if it added anything new to the gameplay

Theres some pretty interesting stuff announced about Fable 3 though

In the old games your characters body changed depending on how much stuff you ate to gain back your health and whether they were healthy foods or not, how you interacted with other people etc

In this one your appearance changes depending on which weapon you are wielding, so if you have a massive axe, your character will be musclier, if it's just a rapier your character will be more agile and thin

The weapons also constantly change as you are playing the game. If you fight against one particular enemy the weapons head will take on the shape of the enemy, it also looks at the gamerscore you have for Fable 3 and will add various lighting effects and additional details to your weapon. If you kill a lot of innocent civilians the weapon will start dripping blood

You can also trade your weapons with other people around the world, with the weapon retaining your name but it will develop further as that person starts using it

The co-op will also now allow you to travel to another persons world and help or hinder them, depending on how you want to play, which is much better than Fable 2's i'm in the other heroes world and can't affect anything

Co-op characters can now also get married

There is also a new feature called grab, where you have context sensitive interactions throughout the world as you play

For example your daughter might be crying about something bad that has happened and if you push the grab button you will hug her and make her feel better.

If someone has annoyed you while you are ruling your kingdom if you grab them you can drag them to the dungeon to lock them away, but they will be dragging their feet and begging you not to which adds a lot of realism and impact to how you feel in the game world rather than just pushing buttons

One last thing which I feel is an important one, you can grab your loved one in the game and walk hand in hand along together

Awwwww ^_^

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